Staging a home for sale is as important as a roof on a house.  All buyers want to picture themselves in the home and arrange their furniture as they walk through the house. Here are some great ideas for staging homes for maximum appeal:

CURB APPEAL:  It is like a first date when your eyes meet—first impressions must impress a new buyer even before he or she enters the house. Make sure the landscaping is clear of overgrown bushes and weeds. In the warmer months, fertilize grass to ensure a green and healthy looking lawn and plant some bright flowers or add a few freshly planted flowerpots near the front door. In the winter months, removed leaves & moss (that's for those that live in the beautiful Northwest) from the yard and be sure gutters are clear of debris. If the front door is dirty, clean and freshen up the paint.  Clean around the door frame & door knob.  Sweep the porch and make sure everything around the door is neat and clean.  Make sure the outside lights all work. Replace your mailbox if it is ratty looking and be sure your house numbers are neat and clean (they may need a fresh coat of paint).

BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR COLOR CHOICES FOR THE INTERIOR:  Choose colors wisely. While some people like bold paint colors throughout the house, red walls and busy wallpaper may turn off some potential buyers. Go for neutral paint colors when showing a home to play it safe.  That doesn’t mean you need to paint everything boring beige.  There are some beautiful neutral colors that suite even the most discrimenting buyers.

       SMELL DOES MATTER:Make sure the home doesn’t just look inviting, but smells inviting as well. Pet smells or other          odors can instantly turn off a potential buyer. Try lighting subtle yet pleasant smelling candles, like sugar cookie or                cinnamon scents, when holding an open house.  Do not cook with lots of heavy garlic while your home is on the                    market or use gross smelling plug ins.

       Declutter, declutter, declutter.  Remove “stuff” from every room including piles of mail, kids’ toys, old magazines –              and even unnecessary furniture. When you think you’re finished decluttering-declutter more. When it comes to                      presenting a home, less is more. Give buyers the space they need to imagine their own things in the house.

      CLEANLet Mr. Clean be proud of you. It’s a given that every room in the house should be clean, which includes                 making sure carpets are cleaned, bathrooms shine, and remove scuff marks from walls and trim.  If the trim can’t be             cleaned, fresh paint will do wonders. And don’t forget to take care of closets, often the places most Sellers hide their             clutter. Potential buyers want to see what kind of storage space they might have for their own belongings. Keeping               closets and cabinets organized and neat will help make a good first impression.

             Staging a home has become a vital part of a successful sales strategy in today’s real estate market. A few details can                  go a long way and you will be “house proud” when your homesteps out on stage.  Welcome home!!